Restoration to Resilience

Salmon Habitat in a Changing Climate

2021 Coast Region Symposium

At the heart of salmon recovery in the Washington Coast Region is the protection and restoration of healthy watersheds with diverse habitats. Climate change casts an uncertain future on these efforts. In fall 2021, the Coast Salmon Partnership hosted a scientific symposium that addressed climate impacts on salmon habitat and discussed approaches to habitat restoration that provide resiliency to our coastal rivers and fishes in the face of climate change. Speakers were subject matter experts on climate science, salmon biology, freshwater ecology, and restoration techniques.

Tribal Remarks on Climate Change and Salmon

Chairman Greene, Makah Tribe      Earl Davis, Shoalwater Bay Tribe

Climate Resiliency in the Pacific Northwest

Crystal Raymond, University of Washington Climate Impacts Group

Answers to Participant Questions

Glaciers, Climate Change, Salmon and Steelhead

Matt Sloat, Wild Salmon Center

Climate, Sediment, and Salmon

Scott Anderson, US Geological Survey

Projected Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow

Kiza Gates, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Salmon and Steelhead Thermal Rearing Habitat in a Washington Coast Watershed

John Winkowski, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Answers to Participant Questions

Exposure of Salmon Habitat to Climate Change Impacts in the Washington Coast Region

Ned Pittman, Coast Salmon Partnership

Habitat Restoration Strategies for a Changing Climate

Tim Beechie, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Using Geospatial Data Analysis to Identify and Prioritize Stream Reaches for Restoration of Natural Water and Sediment Storage

Susan Dickerson-Lange, Natural Systems Design

Large River Restoration and Climate Resiliency

Tim Abbe, Natural Systems Design; Bill Armstrong, Quinault Indian Nation; Mike McHenry, Elwha Tribe; Eli Asher, Cowlitz Tribe

The Science Behind the Chehalis Basin Aquatic Species and Restoration Plan

Emelie McKain, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Making Tough Choices: Prioritizing Investment in the Bull Trout Recovery

Chris Allen & Erin Kuttel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service