Grants to Support Salmon Restoration in the Washington Coast region


Open: Grant round is currently open

Please contact your Lead Entity coordinator for more information on the current grant schedule.

Salmon Recovery Funding Board

The Salmon Recovery Funding Board provides funding for elements necessary to achieve
overall salmon recovery, including habitat projects and activities that result in sustainable
and measurable benefits for salmon and other fish species. The SRFB funds riparian, freshwater, estuarine, nearshore, saltwater, and upland projects that protect existing, high quality habitats for salmon. It also funds projects to restore degraded habitat in order to increase overall habitat health and biological productivity of the fish.

Project proposals should address restoration priorities identified in Lead Entity habitat restoration strategies. The grant program is administered by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office. Eligible applicants are cities, counties, federally recognized Indian tribes, non-profit organizations, private landowners if the proposed project is on their land, regional fisheries enhancement groups, special purpose districts, and state agencies with a local eligible partner.


Open: January 30, 2020

Deadline: March 31, 2020 5 pm

Streamflow Restoration Competitive Grants

The streamflow restoration competitive grants helps state and local agencies, tribal governments, and non-profit organizations implement local plans and projects to improve streamflow and aquatic resources. The grant program is administered by the Washington Department of Ecology. Applicants eligible for funding include Washington state agencies, local governments and quasi-governments within Washington state, agencies of the federal government, tribal governments with reservation lands or treaty rights within Washington, and non-profit organizations.

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Open: now

Deadline: ongoing

Promise the Pod Campaign

One of our campaign goals is to Plant 1.5 Million Trees in 2019-2020 from BC to Northern California. Partners can receive up to $0.80 per tree/shrub as a “tree/shrub credit” payment for plantings that benefit salmon and/or water funding source supports projects that benefit salmon, including stream flow enhancement and general habitat restoration projects. This means you typically receive funding as unrestricted dollars. We are actively collecting project submissions now and review them on a rolling basis. More information

Smartsheet Application Form

If you administer a grant or other funding source that would support salmon recovery in the Washington coast region, we would love to know about it. Please contact Mara Zimmerman to share your information on our website.