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Not Required
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March (annual)
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Final Application Due
June (annual)
SF Hoh River Coho Juvenile

Tribal Wildlife Grants (TWG)

Tribal Wildlife Grants are used to provide technical and financial assistance to Tribes for the development and implementation of programs that benefit fish and wildlife resources and their habitat. Activities may include, but are not limited to: planning for wildlife and habitat conservation, fish and wildlife conservation and management actions, fish and wildlife related laboratory and field research, natural history studies, habitat mapping, field surveys and population monitoring, habitat preservation, and public education that is relevant to the project.

The TWG Program provides opportunities for federally recognized Tribes to engage in fish and wildlife conservation efforts on their lands, many of which are located adjacent to DOI- managed lands. Many of the TWG Program-funded project activities increase fish and wildlife populations, allowing for hunting and fishing opportunities on and off Tribal lands. Additionally, the TWG Program funds project activities that align and assist the Service with Endangered Species Act (ESA) activities supporting downlisting, delisting, and preventing new species listings under the ESA. Eligible projects include those that initiate, develop or implement activities or programs that benefit wildlife and their habitat, including species of Native American cultural or traditional importance and species that are not hunted or fished.

Who Can Apply?
Native American Tribes
Project Types
Planning, Restoration, Monitoring, Research, Conservation, Education & Outreach
Restoration Types
Estuaries/Nearshore, Fish Passage, Habitat (General), Invasive Species, Riparian, Wetlands
Geography/Land Ownership
Participation is limited to federally recognized Tribal governments.