The Strong Salmon Future campaign brings recognition to the people who are working on salmon recovery along the Washington coast. We are building a community of sustainable salmon supporters by sharing this work, educating landowners, and providing tools to prominent community members who will champion this movement.

Coast Salmon Partnership is proud to collaborate with local, state, tribal and federal governments, private landowners, small business owners, and other non-profit organizations to install educational signage at various salmon conservation projects along the Washington coast.


Have you come to this page via one of our Strong Salmon Future signs? Check the map below for more information on the project you’re scanning from, and tag us online on either of our social media pages:

By teaming with local businesses, we foster a sense of responsibility and connection to our local watersheds by those who love them most; our neighbors.

List of local business sponsors coming soon!

Strong Salmon Future

Get Involved

Use the link below to learn more about how you can get involved with salmon restoration on the Washington Coast through volunteering, land stewardship, and financial giving.