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 *** New Release!!! Coast Salmon Partnership 2020 Annual Report***

It has been 20 years since Governor Locke declared that “extinction was not an option” for salmon in Washington State. Since that time, entities across the Washington Coast Region have invested time, effort, and funds into protecting and restoring habitat for salmon, trout, and char in our waters. This first-ever annual report for the Coast Salmon Partnership describes the dedicated and collective efforts of many to ensure a future of self-sustaining fish populations across our region. Read more here.

Coast Digital Library

Looking for information on a watershed or salmon species in the Washington Coast Region? We can help you find what you are looking for. Enjoy this one-stop-shop with articles, reports, papers, and other documents related to salmon recovery.

This library is a work in progress, and we want it to be useful to you. Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us to communicate your requests or submit documents.

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Maps & Tools

Maps are a helpful tool to visualize information. The Washington Coast Region uses web map applications to visualize information used in restoration planning such as culverts, fish distributions, monitoring locations, and climate change predictions. These maps combine publically available information to facilitate planning focused on specific topics or geographies. Click on a project below to learn more.

Chehalis Basin Fish Barrier Culvert Prioritization

Olympic Peninsula Fish Barrier Culvert Prioritization (County Roads)

Washington Coast Stream Temperature Monitoring Locations