Grant Information

Total Funding Available
Minimum Request
Maximum Request
Average Grant Award
$100K - $1M (design) or $1M - $10M (restoration)
Match Requirement
Non-federal match is encouraged, but not required.
RFP Release
March (annual)
Pre-application Due
April (annual)
Final Application Due
July (annual)
Willapa Bay

National Coastal Resilience Fund

The National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF) supports nature-based solutions that enhance the resilience of coastal communities and habitats to address increasing threats from storms, sea and lake level changes, flooding, erosion and other coastal hazards. The NCRF invests in nature-based projects – restoring coastal marshes and forests, reconnecting floodplains, rebuilding dunes or other natural buffers, or installing living shorelines – to protect communities from coastal hazards and enhance habitats for fish and wildlife.

Natural habitats such as coastal marshes and wetlands, coastal forests, rivers, lakes, and streams, dune and beach systems, and oyster and coral reefs – maintained at a significant size for the habitat type and natural hazard being addressed – can provide communities with enhanced protection and buffering from the growing impacts of natural coastal hazards, including rising sea- and lake- levels, changing flood patterns, increased frequency and intensity of storms, and other environmental stressors. NFWF’s regional coastal resilience assessments identify areas where natural resource restoration efforts will have the greatest impact for human community resilience and fish and wildlife.

Who Can Apply?
Cities, Conservation Districts, Counties, Educational Institutions, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, For-profit Organizations, State Agencies
Project Types
Planning, Construction, Restoration
Restoration Types
Estuaries/Nearshore, Fish Passage, Floodplain, Habitat (General), Instream, Invasive Species, Wetlands
Geography/Land Ownership
Located within the coastal areas of U.S. coastal states, including the Great Lakes states, and U.S. territories and coastal tribal lands