Quinault Indian Nation Lead Entity

The Quinault Indian Nation Lead Entity coordinates salmon habitat restoration in Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 21, which runs along the Pacific Coast of the Olympic Peninsula and encompasses 755,674 acres. The area includes the Copalis, Clearwater, Moclips, Queets, Quinault, and Raft river watersheds as well as a dozen smaller tributaries. The Lead Entity’s mission is to restore and protect physical and biological processes that benefit naturally spawning salmonids and their habitats.
Their vision is for all of the watersheds in WRIA 21 to contain healthy, diverse populations of salmon sustained by healthy ecosystems supported by undisrupted physical and biological processes. They strive for watersheds that contain abundant, contiguous aquatic, near-shore, estuarine, and riparian habitats used by diverse, species-rich biological communities that support and service the cultural and other value-based needs of local stakeholders.

The Lead Entity strategy intends to improve natural processes that create and maintain salmon habitat while protecting intact habitats in ways that are compatible with cultural and economic needs of local stakeholders and support continued use of natural resources including timber, salmon and wildlife.

Richard Brocksmith

Lead Entity Coordinator

(360) 826-2164