Grant Information

Total Funding Available
Up to $20M per biennium (subject to change)
Minimum Request
Maximum Request
Average Grant Award
Match Requirement
Not required, but encouraged
RFP Release
Open Year-Round
Pre-application Due
Final Application Due
Skookumchuck River

Chehalis Basin Strategy – Aquatic Species Restoration Plan (ASRP)

The ASRP is the component of the Chehalis Basin Strategy that focuses on restoring the ecological health of the Chehalis Basin. It supports actions in the freshwater environment where there is a potential to provide substantial gains for aquatic species. The purpose of this funding program is to support implementation of the Chehalis Basin Aquatic Species Restoration Plan restoration and protection strategies.

The vision of the ASRP is to utilize the best available scientific information to protect and restore habitat in the Chehalis Basin, in order to support healthy and harvestable salmon populations, robust and diverse populations of native aquatic and semi-aquatic species, and productive ecosystems that are resilient to climate change and human-caused stressors, while honoring the social, economic, and cultural values of the region and maintaining working lands.

The ASRP does not have a formal grant round, but provides funding on a continual, rolling basis. An RFQ is opened annually to solicit new project sponsors. Applicants eligible for this grant include cities, counties, Native American Tribes, conservation districts, land trusts, federal agencies (must have local partner), municipal or quasi-municipal corporations, non-profit organizations, registered with Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State, regional fisheries enhancement groups, special purpose districts and state agencies.

Who Can Apply?
Eligible ASRP Sponsors
Project Types
Planning, Acquisition, Restoration
Restoration Types
Fish Passage, Floodplain, Habitat (General), Invasive Species, Riparian, Wetlands
Geography/Land Ownership
Must be located in Near-Term ASRP Priority Areas in the Chehalis Basin/WRIA 22 or 23.