Grant Information

Total Funding Available
$100M - $200M
Minimum Request
Varies depending on funding source and project type
Maximum Request
Varies depending on funding source and project type
Average Grant Award
Match Requirement
Varies (up to 25%)
RFP Release
August (annual)
Pre-application Due
Final Application Due
October (annual)
Grays Harbor Sunset

Water Quality Combined Funding Program

The Washington State Department of Ecology’s (Ecology) Water Quality Program awards grants and loans on a competitive basis for high priority water quality projects throughout Washington State. Ecology administers the four funding programs that make up the Water Quality Combined Funding Program (WQC) through an integrated annual funding cycle.

WQC includes the following four funding programs:
– The Washington State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Program
– Stormwater Financial Assistance Program (SFAP).
– The Centennial Clean Water Program (Centennial).
– The Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grant Program (Section 319).

Eligible applicants prepare and submit applications for many types of water quality projects using a single application. Ecology reviews and ranks the projects and then assigns funding based on project rank and available funding. Applicant and project eligibility is different for each of the programs within WQC. After reviewing applicant and project eligibility for each submitted application, Ecology offers funding to high priority projects from one or more of the four funding sources.

Who Can Apply?
Cities, Conservation Districts, Counties, Educational Institutions, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, Water/Irrigation Districts
Project Types
Planning, Acquisition, Restoration
Restoration Types
Riparian, Wetlands
Geography/Land Ownership
Washington State