Grant Information

Total Funding Available
Approximately $265K (varies each year)
Minimum Request
Maximum Request
Average Grant Award
Match Requirement
50% cash or land trades. Sources of match must be non-county funds such as private contributions, state or federal grants, or the value of other open space lands linked to the project.
RFP Release
January (annual)
Pre-application Due
Final Application Due
March (annual)
Lower Chimacum Creek

Jefferson County Conservation Futures Program

Jefferson County Conservation Futures is a local grant program funded by the Conservation Futures Fund, a tax levy intended to support a system of open space, working farms, forests and habitat that provides public benefits. Projects involve the purchase of real property or development rights and, sometimes, the maintenance and operation of properties acquired.

Project applicants must be represented by a local sponsoring organization based in Jefferson County. Potential sponsors include local governments, special purpose districts and non-profit corporations. A list of potential sponsors is available by contacting program staff. Projects must be represented by a sponsoring organization with the capacity to secure matching contributions, to enter into an agreement with Jefferson County, and to provide long-term stewardship of properties acquired. A project sponsor is responsible for the content and submission of the application, organizing and hosting a site visit, making a formal project presentation to the CF Committee, the stewardship plan and its implementation, and all County contracting, reporting, and reimbursement requirements.

Who Can Apply?
City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, Private Land Owners
Project Types
Acquisition, Conservation
Restoration Types
Geography/Land Ownership
Must be located in Jefferson County. Open space, wildlife habitat, agricultural and timber lands are all eligible.