Grant Information

Total Funding Available
$150K - $230K (varies annually)
Minimum Request
Maximum Request
Average Grant Award
$25K - $50K
Match Requirement
50% non-federal match (cash or in-kind). Special consideration given to projects with more than the minimum match.
RFP Release
November (annual)
Pre-application Due
Final Application Due
January (annual)
Trout Fry

Western Native Trout Initiative National Fish Habitat Partnership

As one of 20 federally recognized National Fish Habitat Partnerships, Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) is a collaborative effort between 12 western states, three federal agencies, sovereign tribes, private businesses and individuals, non-governmental conservation groups, and other organizations that seek to cooperatively conserve (protect, restore, enhance, and recover) 21 western native trout and char species and sub-species across their historic range. WNTI works to achieve this vision by funding locally-based efforts that raise awareness for the importance of native trout and focus limited financial and human resources toward the highest-impact, locally-led, on-the-ground projects.

While WNTI is supported by different entities and partners, project funding through this RFP is made available to grantees annually through the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) program. NFHP funds can only be used for on-the-ground habitat projects and related design and monitoring activities; funds may not be used for research, or solely to support personnel and staff salaries or benefits. NFHP funds are federal funds, administered through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). All organizations that receive NFHP funding are required to complete all requirements for federal grants.

NOTE: WNTI does not fund salmon or steelhead projects.  If a project occurs in a location where a WNTI focal native trout or char species is the primary focus of the project and it also happens to benefit salmon or steelhead, an applicant could still apply.  

Who Can Apply?
Cities, Conservation Districts, Counties, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, State Agencies
Project Types
Planning, Restoration, Monitoring, Conservation
Restoration Types
Fish Passage, Habitat (General), Instream, Riparian
Geography/Land Ownership
Projects that benefit one or more of WNTI’s 21 focal native trout or char species in their historic ranges in 12 western states.